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My personal understanding and recognition of the tie

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Suit and tie is the eyes. A man wearing a better suit matched with a beautiful tie, it will make the whole garment "good" together. Tie by material generally rayon, silk, Maoists Division, where Fielding wool, brocade, wool and other fabrics neckties, lining of muslin or linen; by type of flat feet, pointed feet, ties and other small soft posture.
Buy tie depends on whether it straight to gently pull it, if a little deformed, indicating that improper cutting, not to buy. If it is nylon knitted or tapestry tie, but also a seamless needles, whether from well-proportioned, with or without walking pattern yarn. Silk or woolen tie, cloth and fabric clothing should be sticky, smooth and no wrinkling. If flat feet, depending on whether the flush tip toes to the middle of the foot symmetrical, not partial to one side.
Buy ties and individuals when they age, hobbies, and suits the color harmony. So the tie color to coordinate with people of color, such as color than black people, should choose light-colored, and color than white people should choose a dark or colorful ties. Printed tie should coordinate with the person's age, young people, some of the optional strong colors and lively patterns, such as red and black stripes the same pattern, appears to increase vigor, giving a vibrant feel; the older who choose to dignified and generous pattern tie, such as black and white stripes style, or brown coordinated.
Tie in the purchase, the color black are advised to choose light-colored tie, color white are optional dark or colorful ties; obese people should choose striped tie; of young people should use more light and trapping, color bright tie, dark and middle-aged people should choose flowers tie, looked dignified and generous.
Buy tie, to pay attention to the same suit, shirt colors match, the tie, suit and shirt form packages. Wear a plaid suit, white shirt, you should use plain, abstract flower tie, wearing a striped shirt should use plain tie. Wearing a striped suit, white shirt, you should use geometric flowers, plain silk tie, wearing a striped shirt striped tie when selected.
To participate in festive banquets, to use the red tone tie; the solemn occasion, the application of a dark tie.

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