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The Different Use of Silk Scarf

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     Silk scarf is a huge fashion statement. I used to think it was just worn in the movies like when you're riding shotgun with your hair undone in the front seat of a car. Sounds like a movie and a song right? Well amazingly I just encountered a few more ways to wear scarves in a really elegant and chic way that may be used for everyday outfits. I just purchased two silk scarves recently and I think it goes so well with a simple T-shirt and jeans, and especially with plain dresses. If you already have scarves lying around you better get them out of your grandma's closet because chances are you'll be using it more frequently now than she wears them during Sunday mass. You can use any silk scarf for the looks and uses you'll be learning today.
Silk scarf  as a Necktie
The "scarf as a necktie" look is the most common and the easiest way to use a scarf. This will also be the best look to accompany a simple T-shirt, jeans and a blazer if you like. So how do you get a necktie? Lay your scarf flat, fold both ends towards the center, do this a third time until you end up with a narrow piece like the width of two neckties. Drape the scarf around your neck making sure both ends are even, and then create a knot on one of the ends and stuff the opposite end to the knot. Make sure both ends are even. Aside from creating a knot, you could also use a ring to hold the scarf in place while creating a necktie.

Necklace Scarf
This scarf wearing method is best for plain dresses or a T-shirt and shorts. You can wear this when you go to the grocery, to the mall or just hanging out. It adds an instant flare to any outfit and gives the person wearing it a persona of effortless fashion. How to do it? Fold the scarf in half into a triangle, and then grab both ends of the fabric and tie a double knot so it's secure. Drape it over your neck and your good to go.
Scarf as a Purse
Maximize the use of your silky friend by using it as a purse. This is perfect if your out on the beach or going to a picnic and you only have a couple of things to bring. This can hold your watch, wallet, a sun block or your shades when you're swimming or playing Frisbee. How do you achieve this look? Lay it down with the back on top and drop your goodies inside, cell phone perhaps? Grab opposite ends and tie them together into a double knot, do the same process on the two remaining ends and you've got a purse.

Halter Scarf
   Yes! It is a look and it is possible. You can use any printed silky fabric you have and an old necklace. The necklace you should use is sturdy and if possible a wired circle type. Using one end of the Silk scarf  tie one end to the necklace, make sure it's double knotted to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Grab the bottom and tie a double knot securely making the fabric cling around your waist and you've got yourself a halter top.

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