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Ten Ways to Tie Printed silk Scarves

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           One can tie a long printed silk scarf in a way which is like the way in which one would tie a man's necktie. The one variation is a necklace to provide a little additional style.


             Scarves are a piece of fabric around the neck and the scarf shape can be rectangular, square, or triangle. Scarves both keep you warm and beautiful, even for religion reasons. In the cold place, people will wear a thick wool knitted scarf to keep warm. In dusty, dry, or locations that have severe air pollution, individuals may wrap their heads with a scarf that's thin to maintain clean hair. Through the years, scarves have become important fashion accessories for a woman.

        How to wear
printed silk scarf, especially silk scarves, could be a real learning. Just how many ways actually exist for a person to wear a scarf? There is no simple, concise answer to that question. The following are some new methods for wearing scarves and ideas for spicing them up with buckles or necklaces. It has some basic ways to wear scarves and also some relatively novel ways especially for scarf fans. You can turn these scarves into a decoration using only your hands. It is amazing what look can be created with a little folding, twisting, and wrapping of a scarf.

To get perfect match for scarves, there are four main things to be considered. The first one is the materials from which the scarves are made. Wool scarf is nice to go with sweater and cotton scarf is appropriate for cotton clothing. It will have a beautiful look as long as the thickness and weight is proportional. You thin silk scarves would go well with light-weight, soft clothing. An essential part of a scarf is the pattern, and one should take notice of it. If you are clear about the scarf pattern, it is very easy to achieve the desired effect and highlight the feature of scarves. You should also use your clothing's colors when determining what scarf matches - so, a plain color scarf fits more with brighter clothes. Try contrasting the color of scarves with your clothing to get those stunning looks. Imagine how eye-catching a scarf can be on a woman with short hair. A simple way of tying is recommended for long hair.

Once you have a right
printed silk scarf, the ways of tying it can be a magic to change your look. You can also make a change as follows besides a simple knot for a long scarf. Fold the scarf into a half; take the folded end with the left hand and hold the other end with the right hand; twist the scarf for two rounds; wrap the scarf around the neck and put the end with tassels through the folded loop.  

A simple loop around the neck is a common way to tie a long scarf. By following the scarf pattern and texture some changes are possible. The wrapping end of a scarf would experience a small change in it's angle if a green knitted scarf is tied in a routine way. The scarf with a thick feel becomes quite comfortable so the other end can also be naturally hanging on the shoulder. Because the angle change shows the scarf patterns, a tiny tricky tying detail can make a huge difference with the same scarf. Looking closely at the details, one can see that there is a pattern visible on one side but not the other. If you are good with this information, you can highlight the simple style of the match. A similar method of tying it diverts your focus to the shoulder, making the long hair look even better. You can take a plain gray
printed silk scarf and tie it without much effort into a complex knot. As a matter of fact, the knot individually is a decorated butterfly knot placed on the scarf, thus a basic wrapping gets you ready to go.


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