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How to Match a Printed Silk Tie With a Dress Shirt or Suit ?

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 When you are in search of the perfect attire for a job interview, dinner party or corporate holiday event, putting together the right outfit often takes a little planning. One of the most important details of any ensemble is knowing how to match a printed silk tie with your clothing.

Although getting buttoned up for special occasions is fun, it can also be frustrating if you are unsure about how to coordinate your attire when you need to dress to impress. Here are some basic guidelines for matching a tie with a dress shirt or suit:

Matching a Tie With a Dress Shirt

A classic dress shirt is a wardrobe "must" for every man. They never go out of style and they look great with everything from casual outfits to business suits. If you really want to show off your tie - put it on a clean white shirt, and watch the reaction you get. Any color printed silk tie goes with a white shirt. If you are ever in doubt, wear a white shirt.

Solid or single color shirts such as pale blue, pale yellow, pale tan, and the rest of the color spectrum requires a little thought. First, you can match the same color shirt and tie, this has been done for decades and it is still a valuable option. However, you can also match two different colors that go well together. 

Matching a Tie To a Suit


Coordinating a tie to a suit is very much like matching a tie to a dress shirt. First, find tie that's basic color complements the suit, and then once you have decided on the color, look at the pattern.


If the suit is one solid color, put any solid color tie or any color that coordinates well with any pattern that you like. If the suit has chalk stripes (those faint thin stripes), then you can simply just follow the same rules as if the suit were a solid color. If the stripes are very pronounced, wear any color tie that coordinates well with any pattern tie (except for stripes).


With the right online resources, organizing a matching wardrobe is actually quite simple. So grab those basics from your closet, go online and purchase some high quality discount mens printed silk tie and use these simple tips to help you coordinate your ties with your apparel

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